SHIFT Communications Social Media Press Release Live Example

How to Make a Social Media Press Release [tweet this]

Making a social media press release is relatively straightforward. It's nothing more than a variable width table with the shareable social content in it. Remember that the goal of a social media press release is to make every piece of it shareable.

Everything you see on this page has a sharing mechanism of some kind, from the title itself to the story to the individual pieces of content. This way, everything is separable and divisible. If a media influencer just wants to use the video on their site, they can. If a podcaster just wants to grab the audio for inclusion in their show, they can. There's no requirement that you ship the entire thing lock, stock, and barrel.

The SMPR was created entirely in a plain vanilla HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or BlueGriffon, using various social networks and content networks to provide the individual pieces.

There's a third hidden piece that's not immediately obvious. This social media press release is being hosted not on our corporate web site, but by our marketing automation system. As a result, it can detect when people who are already in our marketing database are looking at it, clicking on things, and sharing stuff, so we know if it resonates or not.

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