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We must treat everyone like the media because everyone is the media. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

‘Shared media’ does not exist. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Sharing transforms every form of media into earned media, into PR. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Media is defined not by what it is, but what we do with it. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Getting found is as much about who knows you as what you’re searching for. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Content and media that creates the behaviors we want also satisfies search engines. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Core values tell you what kinds of media and content you cannot create. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

The 3L rule of great content: laugh, learn, or love it, else it’s bad content. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Earned, owned, and paid extend the life of your content and hard work. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Search, social, and media are converging rapidly. Plan accordingly. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

Focus less on stuff and more on what you want people to do with your stuff to succeed. @shiftcomm @cspenn #mktgnation14

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